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Kent Attainable Housing Volunteer Form



First Name:                                         Last Name:




Cell Phone:                                          Land Phone:


Street Address:


City / State / Zip:


Volunteer Availability: ___ weekly ___ monthly ___ quarterly ___ by project


I would be interested in volunteering in the checked areas:


___  constructing the home (check any skills you have listed below)

            ___ plumbing    ___  flooring  ___  carpentry    ___   drywall

            ___  electrical   ___  heating/HVAC    ___ windows/doors

            ___  painting     ___  installing cabinetry

Elaborate on any skills you have in the above areas or identify any skills you would like to learn:


___  working with applicant families

___  landscaping the property

___  writing grants

___  participating in site visit to assess safety of house

___  writing press releases and stories

___  provide financial or legal expertise

___  writing FB posts and MailChimp emails

___  interviewing volunteers and applicants to tell their stories

___  videotaping interviews with volunteers and applicants to tell their stories

___  writing stories for website

___  designing marketing materials

___  soliciting donated construction materials

___  soliciting donated landscaping materials

___  planning fundraising activities

___  preparing food for construction and landscaping crews on work days


Tell us more about how you would like to volunteer with us:




When completed, please send this form to Kent Attainable Housing, 200 Radcliffe Street, Chestertown, MD 21620.  You can also email the completed form (or a smartphone photo of it) and any questions you have to kentattainablehousing@gmail.com.