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Become a Homeowner

Home Ownership with Kent Attainable Housing

We believe that everyone should have a safe, affordable place to call home.  To carry out our vision, we partner with prospective applicants to build and landscape homes and to secure affordable mortgage loans to buy them. Every KAH home is an investment. For us, it is one answer to a critical need.  Safe and decent housing will create happier families and stronger communities.  By working with us from beginning to end, you will be prepared for the responsibilities of homeownership, including understanding personal finances, family budgeting and maintaining your home.

How do you qualify for a Kent Attainable Housing home?
All prospective candidates must live or work in Kent County and meet the following criteria.

  • Earn at least $25,000 and not more than 50% of the median Kent County household income
  • Have income to pay a  mortgage that is not more than 30% of income
  • Have a credit score that will enable you to get a mortgage loan
  • Commit to learning how to manage your resources by participating in 8 hours of financial literacy classes and assignments
  • Commit to completing  a first-time homebuyers class with a HUD certified instructor
  • Commit to volunteering 35 hours of time to completing your house,  landscaping your yard and/or helping with other KAH needs

Email or call 443 282 0622 to schedule a Zoom meeting to find out more information and complete an intake conference if interested.  

What homebuyer and financial classes are required?

Each applicant must take a First Time Homebuyers class with a HUD certified instructor and be awarded a certificate for competition of the class and assignments. Learn more about first time Homebuyers class here.

Each applicant must take eight hours of financial classes and consultations and complete all forms.  Five of the eight hours include the following topics:

  • Determining What You Can Afford
  • Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score
  • Creating a Family Budget

Applicants can choose any of the following topics for their remaining  three hours of  required financial classes or consultations.

  • Using Credit Cards
  • Getting Started with Banking
  • Making Good Loans
  • Managing Your Debt
  • Renting Versus Owning
  • Investing in Savings
  • Teaching Your Kids How to Manage Money

Learn more about the Understanding and Managing Your Finances Curriculum

Resources for Applicants