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From left to right: Ed Minch, Dave Minch, Bob Ingersoll, Jonathan Chace

Meet the Construction Team

Construction Committee Chair Ed Minch has been involved in construction work for 45 years, building houses and additions in Delaware and Pennsylvania. For 31 years he operated a small business performing energy efficient upgrades to new and existing homes and is a leader in the science of home energy efficiency.

Dave Minch, construction consultant, is a registered architect with 47 years of experience with residential architecture in upstate New York.

Jim Barry is a retired developer and former professor at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Bob Ingersoll has had a lifetime of experience in construction and most recently supervised five construction projects in Chestertown: the Sultana Education building, the conversion of the police department building to Sultana housing, Sumner Hall and Kent County Arts Council renovations, and the Chestertown Marina building.

Jonathan Chace brings highly valued organizational and people skills, as a former mediator with the U.S. Department of Justice.