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Process for Applying for a Kent Attainable House

Step 1
Attend an orientation meeting and get an interest form

Orientation meetings will be held during  the day and evening at the Kent County Public Library –     Chestertown branch and other locations when appropriate.  Ask to be placed on the email list that will notify you of upcoming orientation meeting dates and times by emailing kentattainablehousing@gmail.com or by calling  443 282 0622.         

At the orientation session, Kent Attainable Housing representatives will introduce the process for applying for a KAH home, answer questions about the process and hand out interest forms to potential applicants.   Specific homes and locations will not be part of that discussion.  

Step 2
Applicants must send in their completed interest forms 

Interest forms and requested materials should be mailed to Kent Attainable Housing, 200 Radcliffe Drive, Chestertown, MD 21620. Mailings must be postmarked by September 9.

A Review Committee will review the interest forms to determine that the form and any required documentation is complete and that the applicant meets the  income, commitment and residency criteria. Applicants will be notified in writing whether they will be moved forward in the application process or did not meet the pre-screening criteria.  Applicants who meet the income, willingness to partner and residency criteria will be assigned a mentor to guide them through the rest of the process.  

Step 3
A mentor will set up a meeting with the applicant to discuss a schedule for the mandatory workshops and volunteer time, for the loan process meeting with the MRDC housing counselor and for the home visit to evaluate need.  

Step 4 
A two person team will complete a site visit to determine the applicant’s need for a safe and affordable home.   That information will be submitted to the selection committee.

Step 5
The applicant needs to enroll in the new  homeowners workshop and financial workshop counseling sponsored by MRDC. 

Step 6 
The Selection Committee will review the applicationsto determine who they will recommend for approval for the first two KAH houses.   

The committee can choose as many applicants to recommend as there are homes expected to be under construction within a year.  Currently, that number would be two.  

Step 7
The KAH Board will make final decision. 

The Selection Committee chair will present the recommended applicants to the  Kent Attainable Housing board for approval without sharing the names of the  applicants.  All candidates will be notified in writing the status of their application after the board action.  

Step 8
Successful applicants will continue to work with their mentors.         

Mentors support applicants in completing any remaining volunteer commitments, obtaining a mortgage loan, and helping them prepare for and accompany them  to settlement for their new home.