Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Homeownership
It's not enough to provide support that keeps families in poverty. We need to do something to move families out of intergenerational poverty.
Building Foundations for Families
Creating Equity in Homeownership
Partnering with Our Community
We are deeply grateful to those many partners who help us build affordable houses for low-income, Kent County working families.​

Building Foundations for Families

Kent Attainable Housing is a nonprofit breaking the cycle of poverty by building or renovating affordable houses and partnering with low income, working families to prepare for and buy a home.  Expanding home ownership to families in need builds foundations for healthier, happier and more productive families and a stronger community.

Darius Johnson Selected as First Executive Director 

The Kent Attainable Housing Board of Directors has selected Darius Johnson as its first Executive Director.  Lani Seikaly, President of the Board,  shared,   “Johnson’s prior leadership experiences, innovative problem solving skills, demonstrated ability to form partnerships, and passion for making homeownership an equitable opportunity and a strategy to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty all made him the perfect executive director for Kent Attainable Housing.”  A Kent County High School graduate, Johnson received the Washington College Vincent Hynson Scholarship in 2011 and graduated from there in 2015 with a degree in Business Management. For the past three years he has worked for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy as Communications Manager and previously as their Community Revitalization Project Manager. Prior to that, he was with the Maryland Center for Construction Education & Innovation. 

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We buy property, design or renovate homes, landscape the yards and partner with low-income families to buy the home.  We build the capacity of our applicants to successfully own a home through required workshops in financial literacy, home ownership, and budget management.  We use community volunteers and partners to help make the homes affordable and to mentor applicants through the process.

We're working on our 2nd and 3rd Houses

The Garnet House Arrived in Dramatic Fashion

Kent Attainable Housing depends on the compassion of people like you to help us create a better community.  Whether you have time to give, a specialized talent or a willingness to learn, a small donation or a large one, your critical donation of time or money makes the difference in making our homes affordable for people in need.

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