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Community Investment Tax Credit Program

KAH currently has $25,000 in available tax credits! KAH was awarded an allocation of $25,000 for the rest of 2023 & 2024. This program helps support our future construction projects on Lambs Meadow Rd in Butlertown.

Kent Attainable Housing has been awarded $55,000 in available tax credits through the State of Maryland. Businesses and individuals that donate $500 or more to Kent Attainable Housing, Inc.’s approved projects: 134 & 136 Prospect St and a lot on Lambs Meadow Rd can earn tax credits equal to 50% of the value of the money, goods, or real property contribution. These tax credits are in addition to the deductions on your Maryland State Tax obligation as a result of the charitable contribution.

Individuals and businesses must use the tax credits against taxes owed for the year in which the contribution was made and may not be used retroactively for taxes from a prior year.  Contributions made to KAH through this program can not be a Qualified Charitable Contribution. Any individual or business contemplating donating is encouraged to consult with their accountant or tax professional for information about their specific tax benefits.

 If you are interested in donating through this program, the Department of Housing & Community Development waiver form and KAH pledge form must be completed before submitting your donation.  Once we have confirmed there are sufficient funds remaining in the tax credit award program, we will notify you to accept your donation towards this specific program. 

Dylan Grimes, our Chief Development & Community Engagement Officer, will be your point of contact throughout this process. Please email her at dylan@kentattainablehousing.org to receive the appropriate donor forms.